Pick your Poison

Yes, we know there are 50 different types of drinks on the planet you originated (or wherever city you come from) but here is a list of every possible drink we’ve been asked for while bar tending (regularly):

…and those of you who roll your eyes when we don’t know what something is – RELAX.  Just tell us what’s in it and 10 chance to 1 we can make it happen for you.  No worries…


spiffy cocktails

Vodka Martini
Dry Martini
Perfect Martini
Dirty Martini
Gin Martini
Rob Roy
Lemon Drop
Apple Martini or Apple-Tini
Adios Mother Fucker (AMF)

7 & Seven
Long Island Ice Tea
Cape Cod (Coder)
Fuzzy Navel
Sex on the Beach
Bloody Mary
Bay Breeze
Sea Breeze
Cadillac Margarita
Mai Tai
Tom Collins
Joe Collins
Vodka Collins
Greyhound/Salty Dog
Scotch and Soda
Cuba Libre (Rum & Coke)

Gin and Tonic
Jack and Coke
Tequila Sunrise
Whiskey and Soda
Old Fashioned (Sweet or Sour)
Whiskey & Water
White Russian
Shirley Temple
Roy Rogers
Arnold Palmer
Tequila Shot
Knock Me Down and Fuck Me
Surfer on Acid
Wet Pussy
Boiler Maker
Woo Woo
Washington Apple
Reggae Rainbow
So-Co & Lime
Lemon Drop Shot
Strawberry Daiquiri
Chi Chi
Strawberry Margarita
Pina Colada


The Ten Commandments of Bartending

The following is a list of rules that is expected of all bar tenders.
They are the most important principles and skills needed to be a great bar tender, and they should never, EVER be violated.
  • I.  Thou shall always, ALWAYS keep the Bar Top Clean & sticky free.
  • II. Thou shall keep your Cool under pressure (Yes, even when the patrons are hootin’ and hollerin’ like a hog caller in heat.)
  • III. Thou shall be able to take a minimum of three drink orders at a time
  • IV. Thou shall Never ever count Tips in front of customers. (Seriously.  Really, I’m not kidding.  It’s tacky.)
  • V. Thou shall leave all  dramatic substances and bullshit at the Door.
  • VI. Thou shall treat each customer like a Royalty.
  • VII. Thou shall have a sense of humor, an outstanding personality and great LISTENER (SHUT UP once in awhile and let THEM talk…)
  • VIII. Thou shall always use speed and efficiency when mixing any cocktail
  • IX. Thou shall always remain organized and CLEAN UP behind their bar.
  • X. Thou shall use both hands at all times. (Two is better than one.)