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The Ten Commandments of Bartending

The following is a list of rules that is expected of all bar tenders.
They are the most important principles and skills needed to be a great bar tender, and they should never, EVER be violated.
  • I.  Thou shall always, ALWAYS keep the Bar Top Clean & sticky free.
  • II. Thou shall keep your Cool under pressure (Yes, even when the patrons are hootin’ and hollerin’ like a hog caller in heat.)
  • III. Thou shall be able to take a minimum of three drink orders at a time
  • IV. Thou shall Never ever count Tips in front of customers. (Seriously.  Really, I’m not kidding.  It’s tacky.)
  • V. Thou shall leave all  dramatic substances and bullshit at the Door.
  • VI. Thou shall treat each customer like a Royalty.
  • VII. Thou shall have a sense of humor, an outstanding personality and great LISTENER (SHUT UP once in awhile and let THEM talk…)
  • VIII. Thou shall always use speed and efficiency when mixing any cocktail
  • IX. Thou shall always remain organized and CLEAN UP behind their bar.
  • X. Thou shall use both hands at all times. (Two is better than one.)

About Tales from the Bar Side

Tales from the Bar Side: Lady who tends bar at brick and mortar bars and in private pour practice events.

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