Stacking Cheddar in Dairyland

Since I’ve tended bar and bar tended; I’ve been willing to work on any given day, except Mondays, for anything the bar/club/acquaintance/referral offers.  Need me at the main bar from 1PM – 2AM; I’m your chick.  Private party for your uncles sisters son – from 8PM – 8AM?  Fuck 40 winks, I’ll pull a Fred Flintstone and get toothpicks.

I like the night time, what can I say?  The extra spending money is good for me to stack and spend for fun things I want.  Do I really need the money?

Yes and No.

I have a few hustles going on.  I have to; don’t like to stand still to long.  The economy sucks and I have a teenager to feed.  Give me notice, type of dress, clientele date and time and Bar Side is there.  I will take on your desired business, take care of your people and take your money for a job well done.

Some days are fast, some are slow, others, are slower than molasses in January.  But that’s okay; that shredded cheese = slices of cheese = wheels of cheese.  Fast.  It’s a college town – Madison WI, the city of the perpetually offended, is a town full of hippies, business personas (as well as [un]reasonable facsimiles) college kids and non-Americans.  Trust me, the day this town runs dry, I’ll be living in California some damn where.  (BTW, I HATE the west coast.)

…then again, this city has been making it so hard for many to get a liquor license…  The city of Madison wants a kidney, a note from your 2nd grade teacher, and your 1st born as well as “not less than $10,000…”