I’m Rick James Bitch

A group of 7 melodramatic 40 something’s came in today.  They had appetizers and drinks at the bar instead of sitting at a table. I could see they were there to talk to each other so I served them; 5 margaritas on the rock – 2 with no salt, 1 Old Fashioned, and a White Zinfandel.  Keeping their drinks fresh and bar naps exchanged to fresh ones, I continued my bar duties while listening to their conversation over the soft music I was playing.

“…I’m sending my daughter to a private school; she’s starting college next year and there’s too much going on here in the city.”

“…I’m putting Sarah. in those new apts uptown -it’s costing us $XXX but it’ll be worth it.”

Madison WI. Safe. White bread. No Frills. Madison WI.

Where the grass is green.

…and your neighbors are probably smoking it.  As a former New Yorker I get a lot of slack because of the way “I am”.   Bar Side has that “NY attitude. A few girlfriends I’m friends with have let me know that when they first met me they thought I was a bitch.  Some still do.  Another thing I find funny is that people who I’m cool with now couldn’t stand me (and vice versa) when we first met.  Well let me tell you something mi gente…  Having this so called “New York attitude” has kept me safe for the majority of my life.


I like the way I am.  No, I don’t smile a whole lot although I’ve been told I have a pretty one.

Yes, if I don’t like you and we have to be around each other I will tell you to your face.

No, I’m not polite all the time.

Yes, I’m real and will tell you the truth if you ask me (and some cases even when you don’t).

No, I don’t tolerate bullshit well.

Yes, I’m unorthodoxed in my parenting skills.

Being raised in NY by my mother was a life lesson.  My mother told me to enjoy life as we’re only here for a limited amount of time but to be on guard for things because bad people will try to shorten my time here on this earth.

She gave me tools no amount of book schooling could come close to.

Two cliches I’ve noticed; common sense isn’t very common and keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Those tools have kept me sane and prepared for much of the unexpected.  I teach my teen the same.