Top 10 Signs you’re a Bad Bartender

1. The term “quality drink” never crossed your mind, people only drink to get drunk, right?

2. Running the dishwasher without soap doesn’t concern you.

3. You huff and sigh when somebody orders a drink you don’t like.

4. Washing your cocktail shakers is done once, at the end of your shift.

5. Using a three day old slimy lime/lemon wedge doesn’t raise an alarm bell.

6. You make “good strong drinks” for people without charging appropriately.

7. You think the bar is your personal stock and drink whenever you feel like.

8. You develop a “god complex” just because you are a bartender

9. You don’t cut enough fruit for the night shift or prep your trays (if you’re an opener).

10. You leave your dirty shift-off dishes in the sink for the opening bartender (if your a closer).

Please add to the list by posting a comment. I’m sure we could do an entire list of 100+ if we thought about it.

RE: Darcy O’Neil