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Village of the Damned – WI Music, Bar Fights, Threats, and Homicide

…And they’re off!

The village board is moving to remove the liquor license and trying to close down Con Safos Restaurant Dinner Theatre and Night Club.  There’s a Village meeting tomorrow at the Village Municipality Building in the Community Room, Tuesday September 23rd, 2008. I’m not sure what time the meeting is but, the phone number is (608) 838-3153 to call and find out.

Not sure which ‘Trustee’ (just one or all) has called this meeting so here’s a list of all of them:

Mike Harried, Village President
5108 Rustic Way



Kate Barrett, Trustee
6203 Indian Mound Drive


David Crane
6512 Lani Lane


Sally Hansen
5207 Broadhead Street


JoAnn Minter
5910 Anthony Street, Apt. #218


Sharon Payne, Trustee
4505 Field Avenue


Kevin Wernet, Trustee
5010 Paulson Ct     Apt #4


Kevin Wernet

This video showed up on YouTube yesterday of a Mc Farland police officer taking plate numbers and shining her flash light within the cars on the parking lot.

Here are some more Wisconsin links relating to bars, fights, threats and homicides:

Spread Eagle WI is Number 1.

Cardinal Bar is Number 2.

Your Thoughts on the whole “certain (hip-hop) causes violence” thing? I’ll take your comments below. (and no, you don’t have to sign up to comment)

Using geographic mapping and 2003 crime statistics from the UW and Madison police departments, the study found a peak in serious crimes such as batteries and assaults between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., coinciding with bars’ closing time. Additionally, the results showed the location of the crimes centered on the area with the heaviest density of bars….”

“…it’s not unusual for people to get knocked unconscious, it’s not unusual for people to have those felony batteries. We have them every single weekend down there.”

“…As the downtown area’s reputation for partying continues to attract a large number of patrons, bar employees and city officials alike remain at work to combat the ever-present problem of alcohol-related violence.

In 2007, UW-Madison professor Aaron Brower and graduate student Lisa Carroll conducted a study on the time and location of alcohol-fueled crimes as part of the PACE Project, a campus initiative to curb high-risk drinking in the community.”

These blurbs  from the story of  Ms. Abby Sears /The Daily Cardinal (read the article  here) – September 15, 2008


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