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Village of the Damned – UPDATE: Village Mtg 9/23/08 @ 7PM

The Trustee Sharon Payne (her info):
4505 Field Avenue

is the one that called the meeting for this evening.

::: UPDATE :::

The meeting will not be held at the Municipal Bldg in the Village of Mc Farland since it is not a scheduled meeting.  Instead it will be held at The Green Lantern this evening at 7PM.

Per the letter, participants will be asked to sign in and sign up to speak in turn.

Copy of Press Release and Update
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Further Info on/about Con Safos Links:


About Tales from the Bar Side

Tales from the Bar Side: Lady who tends bar at brick and mortar bars and in private pour practice events.

One response to “Village of the Damned – UPDATE: Village Mtg 9/23/08 @ 7PM

  1. Lisa Holly ⋅

    Why don’t they call a meeting regarding all of the drunk UW students
    roaming University Ave and State street. I guess since it’s paid for by
    their parents, who cares.

    As an African American, I would not even try to get a liquor license
    in WI it would be worse than breaking into Fort Knox. At least there
    is still one place to go of which I will not say for they might start
    targeting them…

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