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History repeats itself like a broken (court) record

Hold onto your boot straps (or bed sheets) people; this is a long one. Hooked up with my home skillet today and we collaborated some info.

First off, if anyone has information on how, when and why Stoughton got rid of Greg Leck and then why McFarland picked him up please share the wealth…

Title: Chief Gregory Leck
Position:  2nd Vice President of the McFarland Police Department

His office:
5915 Milwaukee Street
McFarland, WI 53558
Ph: 608-838-3151
Fax: 608-838-7954

What he looks like:

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Found this interesting as well:

Image Hosted by

Seems like this isn’t the 1st time the Village has had issues with the public –

From the website:

“I hereby demand that the Village of McFarland immediately provide me with a complete electronic copy of the current Codes and Ordinances of the Village of McFarland, Wisconsin.

That document has and does exist, either/both in a previously existing electronic file and/or in a file(s) generated for the purpose of launching the re-codification, both of which are subject to requirement to provide under the Open Records Law, etc.”

From Capital Times, Fri Jul 30 1999:  

“Since then, the Rings say McFarland police have made unreasonably frequentdrive-bys and walk-throughs of the ballroom.

“And it’s always on Friday night, never any other time,” said Don Ring.

Officers have also made bigoted remarks and threatened to close him down,said Ring.

Ring said one officer told him, “We’re sick and tired of these people.They’re a nightmare — they don’t even speak English. We’re thinking about closing you down.”

McFarland Police Chief Greg Leck denies that his officers are harassing theRings or their customers. Police attention in the form of drive-bys andwalk-throughs is routine for the area where the ballroom is located, withseveral establishments selling alcohol near one another, said Leck.”


By:  Dee J. Hall of the Wisconsin State Journal Thursday, July 29, 1999

“…But Don Ring said he believes it’s discrimination, pure and simple. Since the police crackdown began, Ring said, the crowds coming to hear a DJ play salsa and merengue music have gone from roughly 400 people to 100.

But it wasn’t until earlier this year when the ballroom began riding thewave of the Latin music craze that the troubles with the McFarland PoliceDepartment began, the Rings say.  Since April, the ballroom has been cited twice, and several Hispanic patrons have gotten tickets, in what the Rings and a Madison attorney say are questionable actions by the McFarland Police.

“We’ve been in business for 30 years, and we’ve never had a ticket foranything,” Flo Ring said. “We can really feel it’s discrimination against the Hispanics.”

Added Don Ring: “They’re definitely prejudiced — I can tell you that.”

Full Story Link: BALLROOM ACUSSES COPS OF RACISM: Police Deny Owners’ Claims Of Bias Against Hispanics

So…  It’s just “hip hop” music huh?


{More to come (I’m sure)}

Your comments/thoughts below?


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2 responses to “History repeats itself like a broken (court) record

  1. Anon ⋅

    That place is closing down. No liquor license for 90 days. When businesses are doing poorly, they resort to all kinds of gimmicks and lies.Sounds like they are up to more of the same. However, the city finally stepped in and yanked their liquor license due to shady dealings, shootings in the parking lot and lots of complaints from the neighbors. Good riddance!

  2. Celeste ⋅

    I think “Anon” should stop posting and go check on the sister or cousin he’s be “relating to”. Looks like Gleaming white Mcfarland has call girls. Watch out now, daddy’s non spelling little girl is getting dicked down!

    Discreet Companion – w4m – 23 (McFarland)
    “Hi guys, I’m in school and just don’t have the time for a real job. LOL. I’m an intensly physical young woman who enjoys meeting new people. If you would like more info, please message me at Megans_Mail05 its the quickest & fastest way 2 reach me. I’m in McFarland.”

    All hail craigslist!

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