My People, My People

Strong language below so prep yourself sweet cheeks…

I think I’ve had all of the “Negro Nights” I can take y’all…

I mean, every group of people who come in have their niches, good and bad, but dayum.  As Chris Rock once said: there are black people and there are niggas.

One thing in common; white people and black people HATE niggas.  Why Because they F*ck sh%t up for everybody else.

  • The broke bitches always have an attitude and are constantly asking how much something is even though they’re there every week.
  • Impatience; when I’m making drinks for the others you’re constantly hollering, hey, hey baby girl, can I be next?
  • I tell you I’ll be right with you as soon as I get theirs.  I get to you, you don’t know what you want &/or you take the ppls order from behind you &/or you keep trying to add stuff to your order I’ve already begun to make and once everything is made and in front of you THEN you proceed to take out your wallet/dig through your purse.  All the while you were talking ish about the other two people who did the EXACT same thing you just did.

Try to go out and have a good time and ENJOY your drink without yelling at MF’s and tryin’ to get there quick.

Get it together people; it’s times like those I think about not claiming my black hand side…