Come up and see me sometime

Polishing glasses at the hotel bar Friday night and decided to strike up a conversation with a gentleman at the bar.

He wasn’t alone at first, he sat with a couple co-workers; they sat & tossed back some MGD’s then graduated to Guinness for a couple hours.  Sitting kitty corner from the bar things slowed down and his friends decided to retire to their rooms respectively and he approached the railing.

We chit chatted about his work, stout beer,  red wine and …women’s stockings and heels.

Uhm, yes.  I love my job, people tell me things they won’t even tell their own shrink.  He (was VERY easy on the eyes I must mention) enjoys seeing a woman walk, sit, cross and un-cross her legs in various stockings with a pull on garter.  Whenever he dates women he feels he has to wait FOREVER to ask them to do/wear this for him.

“There’s an easier, simpler way to see this without having to pay for 10 dinners and waiting weeks hon” I say.  He looks up from his brew and mouths the words “oh” but they don’t escape his lips.

“Oh sure” I say.  “It’ll run you maybe 1-2 dinners, but, without the food.”  Long story short, I told him “it’s 2009 and if you want something bad enough they’ll be someone there to provide it for you.”  I gave him the number of a friend of a friend I know that could hook him up with just such a request and after talking him off the ledge he agreed to take the number and went on his way.

Fast Forward two days – -I come into work today and the front desk has an envelope for me; I take it in back as I toss my stuff in a locker and opened it.  “Thank you!” it said.  As I opened it I’m thinking, who I helped.

The note was blank, except for a set of initials, a $20 bill and the words “thanks for the ‘tip’, here’s one for you…”