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A bird? A plane? No; it’s daddy’s credit card!

This group of people come in once/twice a week and order $50 – 100 worth of food to go, during the BUSIEST time of night.  They pay w. the golden plastic – I will NEVER understand people who NEVER tip for take out orders?  Just because you’re not dining in with us we still did you a service.

People are still working to make sure your order is correct and satisfactory even if you aren’t staying…

What’s up with this?

82, Don’t stiff your bartender or to-go person on a tip just because “they aren’t waiting on me and don’t provide table service”. First of all, yes, they are waiting on you. They took your phone call, wrote your order, transmitted it to the kitchen, boxed up your order and delivered it to you. Second of all, yes this is a “service”, right – it’s just not table service? No, you don’t have to tip the normal 15 – 20% because it’s true that they aren’t providing table service to you. But you should at least tip 5- 10% for the service and convenience that they are providing to you. Just remember that a to-go server is relying on your tips just as much as a table server. If you don’t do the right thing and tip something, eventually you won’t be able to get to-go food because they can’t pay someone minimum wage or less to ring $1500 worth of food and run their asses off for dozens of customers on a decent to-go shift.

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2 responses to “A bird? A plane? No; it’s daddy’s credit card!

  1. teleburst ⋅

    And just to clarify, I’m talking about ordering to-go from places like Chili’s that have a to-go “department”. Many people who order from a bartender in a place that doesn’t do a lot of takeout usually tip 15- 20% to their bartender. This is because they’re usually regulars who feel comfortable enough to ask for a service that usually isn’t “advertised” and understand that their bartender is going out of the way for them. From my experience talking to people at places like Chili’s and PF Chang’s, the most common tip (when given) is 10%. About half as many people leave 5% and probably 20 -30% of people don’t leave anything. My thought is that 10% should be “standard” for to-go food (in the way that 15% is “standard”). But if someone is too cheap for that, at least give 5%, fergodssake.

  2. kim

    oh god i totally agree. whenever i have to go orders i get sooo irratated..i always bite my tongue even though i shouldnt…… i feel your pain

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