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Friday Night Fights

Being a Bartender like other blue collar Public Service positions, you see people you want to see and then, you see people you DON’T want to see.

Like your regulars who you not only like because they order good quality cocktails and tip well, but, they are actually refreshing to see week after week – after week.  They acknowledge and respect you and look forward to seeing  you just as much as you them.

Then, there are those you see who you have to carry on with your job as if they’re anyone else.  But they’re not.  For example, for the past 2 months a man has come into my bar once a week.  But this man is different – about 12 years ago this man walked in on me being sexually assaulted.  And stayed and watched.

He speaks to me as if I’ve forgotten this; he smiles and tries to shake my hand and smooze with me.  I serve him and his cronies their drinks and he leaves his tip.  He continues to try and speak to me but I’m not trying to hear anything this pendejo has to say except his drink order.

This piece of shit makes my skin crawl.



About Tales from the Bar Side

Tales from the Bar Side: Lady who tends bar at brick and mortar bars and in private pour practice events.

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