Bar Chanx

Why do people think wearing chancletas* to the bar is okay?  I mean, even if it’s not ‘club night’ at the local watering hole chanx are for the beach, running to the bodega right quick, dancing in the street at block parties or, for Bohemian band members.  *smirk*

*chancletas = A word for flip flops or other type of slip on, inexpensive sandal.


My thoughts on any given weekend night working in WI

  • “Hmmm, she REALLY needs to get those roots done.”
  • “Wow, she said thank you!”
  • “Damn, he’s tall.”
  • “DAMN!  He’s short!”
  • “I need 2 Advil liqui-gels…”
  • “That walk-by-farting was un-called for.”
  • “Some bad friend of hers lied to her and said, ‘girl you look good in those – wear THAT!'”
  • “Oh that couple will make a good post later on tonight…”
  • “Please stop kissing @ my bar for 20 consecutive minutes – her lungs need air and my customers need vodka with their olives…”