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My days at the Brooklyn Dive Bar: “WTF 101”

Sometimes I wonder just how people got through the writing part of the business proposal and still have NO IDEA on how to run a business.  Who the hell would lend them money for an establishment?

I love many of my co workers with the exception of a couple, but I have to say the internal workings and organizational skills of those high on the Totem Pole have a lot to learn.

…and these are people with B.A. and Masters Degrees; WTF?!?  Let’s review some simple things that even community college kids understand:

  1. Got MS Office?  Good.  Now USE IT.  (Excel especially)  Don’t have it or don’t understand it?  HIRE someone who does.  You’re running a business; to make money you have to spend some.  Quit being stingy.  How are you ordering food, wine and spirits – every week- on scratch paper?  WTF?!?
  2. This is a business – dive bar or not, we’re sort of a family.  Make sure the staff is on the same page.  I can’t tell you how irritating it is to have things done or said two (2) different ways because us tending the bar are told one thing and the wait staff is told another.  STAFF MEETINGS are key; don’t you WANT us all on the same page so things flow smooth?  WTF?!?
  3. Let us know what the hell is going on.  Please.  Let us know if a DJ, a Live Act, Private Party, etc. is going on so we can tweak and prepare.  I can’t tell you how irritating it is to come in on a day we all know is SLOW just to see the sound guys setting up and the tables are  ‘purtied (prettied) up’.  WTF?!?
  4. If someone rents out the place let them know the rates and any extras, i.e. security, food and of course, they and their patrons are expected to tip the Bar Tenders; open or cash bar.  WTF?!?
  5. I guess it isn’t only Corporate America; hey, I’m an equal opportunist like anyone but come on…  Guys, you are running a business; let your big head do the thinking.  Just because you’re the manager/owner/whatever, banging the new chick who’s tending bar doesn’t mean THE REST OF US have to suffer.  Take care of business – there are more than a few spices pieces of ass with tits who’d love her job. Focus for Gawd’s sake.  WTF?!?

But of course, as I always say; “I just work here.”


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Tales from the Bar Side: Lady who tends bar at brick and mortar bars and in private pour practice events.

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