About Bar Tales

I tend bar at a dive Bar, a high end restaurant and a hotel.  I work 6 days a week and love it.

Showing and voicing my opinion about the daily trials and tribulations of Bar Life.  Why read this?  ‘cuz you’re bored or your interested.  Really doesn’t matter now does it?

Trust me, we see things a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENTLY from this side of the counter. Everything about ‘us’ isn’t all free flowing tip jars and crazy clothing with phone numbers flying everywhere. The life of a bartender; the great tips, cleavage/muscle shirts/flirting, and how no night or day is ever like the last.

But what happens behind the scenes? Prep work, clean up, drama between days/nights customers, MAJOR drama between co-workers, shift schedules, mind clashing managers and of course, the customers.  We LUV our customers – you’re the reason we come into work.  Thank you for never making our job feel like one.

Welcome to Bar Tales, Tales from the Bar Side


2 responses to “About Bar Tales

  1. Young*ish*Veteran ⋅

    Well now Srta.Sassypants,
    I have no idea how I linked onto your blog but it most certainly registered with me to have actually remembered enough about it w/o writing anything down & finding it again 2wks later… 2 wks in my/our biz can feel more like a month at times. Some stories -aside from a few minuscule details- are virtual flashbacks to th’GoodOleDays off State St. and many other joints in Madizone. Here I thought I knew nearly everyone on this sliver of Sconniedom… You mention bars owned by friends of mine, yet i could not place a face for you (from some HI-larious accounts I read, it should be easy). JesusChriste, maybe I AM getting too old to know the bar beat. Fahk, now what? Maybe hang out w/ the OverTheHill&Single RecordProducers &DealersClub around the Capitol…NO! Nice treat to read. Love the sass b/c it comes w/that brain. Cheers.

  2. ;o) I love my job – glad to have another Reader…

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