Letter From Your Bartender from: Erin @ Gatsbys – NYC

“And here we have arrived at the so very complex concept of tipping. These are some basic rules when it comes to tipping properly, and please remember the only money that we make at work is from tips. My paycheck is literally “VOID” every week because at $3.70 an hour once taxes are taken out, there is actually zero left.

1. Tip 20% every time.
2. Tip on water orders.
3. Tip on free drinks
4. Tip at least $1 per free drink. Like I have stated before I make nothing off of sales, so whether it costs $15 a drink or nothing at all, I still need a tip.

It will help you to get your next one with lightning speed and a friendly smile.

“Another thing that I do not understand is guys flirting with me all night long, asking me out, scrawling their number on a napkin, and then NOT tipping me 20%. First off, I am not going to date anyone I meet as a customer at my bar, ever. I am especially not going to date someone so wasted that he sat there my entire nine hour shift staring at my chest, and mostly I am not going to even consider dating Prince Charming if he doesn’t even tip well! Also, for you guys, do not touch me, ever. What makes you think you can reach over the bar and touch my arm or hand? When I have to go to your office and ask to open a new bank account, and you get a phone call that interrupts the process, do I grab or caress your arm so that your attention comes back to me? No, so I ask for the same respect back.”

“Something nice that you can do to help you get quicker service is offer to buy me a shot. I will have one with you and I will probably charge you for it. But you will most likely end up getting quite a few shots back from me for free, so that in the end you will have spent less money and gotten more drunk, and I will be in a better mood overall. Everybody wins!”

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Top 10 Signs you’re a Bad Bartender

1. The term “quality drink” never crossed your mind, people only drink to get drunk, right?

2. Running the dishwasher without soap doesn’t concern you.

3. You huff and sigh when somebody orders a drink you don’t like.

4. Washing your cocktail shakers is done once, at the end of your shift.

5. Using a three day old slimy lime/lemon wedge doesn’t raise an alarm bell.

6. You make “good strong drinks” for people without charging appropriately.

7. You think the bar is your personal stock and drink whenever you feel like.

8. You develop a “god complex” just because you are a bartender

9. You don’t cut enough fruit for the night shift or prep your trays (if you’re an opener).

10. You leave your dirty shift-off dishes in the sink for the opening bartender (if your a closer).

Please add to the list by posting a comment. I’m sure we could do an entire list of 100+ if we thought about it.

RE: Darcy O’Neil

Stacking Cheddar in Dairyland

Since I’ve tended bar and bar tended; I’ve been willing to work on any given day, except Mondays, for anything the bar/club/acquaintance/referral offers.  Need me at the main bar from 1PM – 2AM; I’m your chick.  Private party for your uncles sisters son – from 8PM – 8AM?  Fuck 40 winks, I’ll pull a Fred Flintstone and get toothpicks.

I like the night time, what can I say?  The extra spending money is good for me to stack and spend for fun things I want.  Do I really need the money?

Yes and No.

I have a few hustles going on.  I have to; don’t like to stand still to long.  The economy sucks and I have a teenager to feed.  Give me notice, type of dress, clientele date and time and Bar Side is there.  I will take on your desired business, take care of your people and take your money for a job well done.

Some days are fast, some are slow, others, are slower than molasses in January.  But that’s okay; that shredded cheese = slices of cheese = wheels of cheese.  Fast.  It’s a college town – Madison WI, the city of the perpetually offended, is a town full of hippies, business personas (as well as [un]reasonable facsimiles) college kids and non-Americans.  Trust me, the day this town runs dry, I’ll be living in California some damn where.  (BTW, I HATE the west coast.)

…then again, this city has been making it so hard for many to get a liquor license…  The city of Madison wants a kidney, a note from your 2nd grade teacher, and your 1st born as well as “not less than $10,000…”